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Conspiracy Road Trip: UFOs

Comedian Andrew Maxwell is a logical guy and he is going to tackle these big questions on an American road trip from Los Angeles to Area 51. He is taking five UFO believers who claim to have witnessed spacecraft from other galaxies, been attacked by UFOs, had close encounters with ETs and believe an alien attack is imminent for a close encounter of the rational kind. Andrew takes them to meet experts, eyewitnesses and journalists to see if he can dispel the myths around UFO sightings


Here is my talk with Nick Pope at Exopolitics Conference, Leeds, August 2011

You can order the DVD boxed set here.

Here is the discussion panel at Exopolitics Conference, Leeds, August 2011 with myself and various speakers in the UFO community.

Brigitte Barclay & Nick Pope Presentation at Exopolitics Leeds, 2011. DVD Box Set


Brigitte Barclay on This Morning February 9th 2012

Brigitte Barclay (then known as Bridget Grant) at Leeds UFO Conference interviewed by Nick Pope, 2001.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer episode “Hush” – featuring the movement of “The Gentlemen”. See The Man At The Bottom Of The Garden

Hong Kong animation of my Chinese Girl And Gazebo Encounter via The Sun newspaper article.