Conspiracy UFO Road Trip

Over the course of three episodes, Comedian Andrew Maxwell takes conspiracy theorists on a road trip in an effort to tackle the truth about their beliefs.

Brigitte Barclay on This Morning, ITV, UK

Well, after much planning and false starts we finally managed to have a whopping 7 min debate on UFOs on ‘This Morning’. Many thanks to Luke, Gary Heseltine, Chris French and all at This Morning for a lively affair… short and sweet, but ultimately pretty good for a mainstream media show!



2012: TV, UFO & Alien Abduction Documentaries

2012 sees the screening of several TV shows and documentaries that I filmed in the past year.

Andrew Gough and Mindscape TV filmed a documentary called “The Alien Within” about the alien abduction phenomena with myself, Nick Pope and skeptic Susan Blackmore, amongst others. No details on which channel this will be on yet as it’s still in post-production.

A production team interviewed me for a History Channel documentary about alien contact featuring myself, nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman and quantum physicist Michio Kaku.

Next up is a series being made by Back 2 Back TV with singer Shaun Ryder from The Happy Mondays examining the ufo subject (see above). I will be finishing filming this late November 2012 and will be aired on The History Channel. Watch out for this show as it looks like it’s going to be a bit different . Shaun has himself had many ufo sightings since he was a young boy along time before his Happy Monday days !!

Brigitte Barclay – Visitation and Experiences Exopolitics Leeds Expo August 2011 Part 2

Brigitte Barclay has had a lifetime of UFO sightings and close encounters, starting in childhood and continuing to this day. In a joint presentation with former Ministry of Defence official Nick Pope, she details some of her extraordinary experiences. The UFO sightings include a close-up, daylight encounter with a large, metallic disc-shaped craft, seen at close range in Los Angeles and witnessed by her friend. This craft was being pursued or escorted by several unmarked helicopters. Brigitte’s alien abduction experiences include many factors typically reported by abductees, including screen memories, child presentations and passing through solid objects. She has also encountered what might be described as Men in Black. Brigitte has only given one previous public talk, at Graham Birdsall’s 2001 conference. In this completely updated presentation, she speaks openly about her experiences and their wider implications.

Brigitte Barclay presented “Visitation & Experiences” on Sunday 7th August, 2011 at the Leeds Exopolitics Expo.

The full version of this presentation is available from this link