V Is For Visitors

I was at work with a few more hours to go on my night shift. I remember that I was reading a book about remote viewing called “Cosmic Voyage” by Courtney Brown at the time. I was looking forward to having a few hours to read the book . It was about 7.05 am and as I was sitting reading on the sofa something caught my eye to my right. I looked up to see a flock of geese flying in V formation migrating for their winter. In my mind I wished them well upon their journey and a safe flight. I then started to read again. Within seconds something else caught me eye in exactly the same place where I had first seen the geese.

I looked up to see what I can only describe as about 7 or 8 silver balls above the top of the trees across the water. I got straight up and stood on the other sofa in front of the window to get a better look. Yes… I was watching a half dozen or maybe more silver balls! I didn’t get a chance to count them exactly but they were gliding intelligently over the top of the trees. They appeared to be in a line formation but moving up and over the tree top outline, gliding effortlessly as they travelled. I got straight on to my radio to another member of staff who had been eager to see anything out of the ordinary after hearing of my previous experiences. I asked him to come up to the unit that I was working on as I didn’t want other members of staff to hear over the radio. He responded quickly but said he couldn’t as he was very busy on his unit. Typical.

I continued watching, standing on the sofa just observing the balls. They were a sharp colour of silver all over and about ½ inch in size at approx.150 yards away. I looked at my watch. It was 7.10 am on March 10th, 2010 – a beautiful, bright morning.

My boss came to find me still standing on the sofa looking out of the window. He said he heard me on the radio and asked if everything was OK? After some hesitation, I asked him to come to the window to see if he could see what I was seeing? He looked and said,“yes – what are they?” I told him I had been watching them from the left of the window frame and now we were both looking at them gliding over the middle part of the frame – still at the same height over the valley and now moving above some houses. We watched them till the last one went out of sight above a big white house on the hill. He commented that it was all a bit odd, then left. I still remained looking out of the window. I could see gulls flying over the trees – some silver in colour – as the light caught their wings in the morning sun. I could also see some black coloured birds flying around too. In comparison, the size of the birds in relation to the silver balls was very small and quite clearly the wrong shape and size.

After I finished my shift I returned home and went to straight to bed. I woke only to be told that the actor Corey Haim had died. I went on the internet to find out about his passing. As I was reading about the circumstances for his death, I was stopped in my tracks. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. He had died in the very same apartment block that I had lived in when I was living in Los Angeles back in 1993. After my 405 freeway encounter we had driven back to the same apartment block Haim had died in.

So today I had had an encounter that was in some bizarre way linked to my close encounter back in ’93. Was it placed infront of me again in this way..so I would not forget this date just like it had before.