The Man At The Bottom Of The Garden

“He’s Here!”, I used to shout as a young girl. All of my family would know what that meant. Mum just thought I had an over-active imagination but Dad didn’t – he always knew that things happened for a reason, some of which he said were magical. Those words always keep my encounters alive for me. I was never in fear when I saw the things that I did; whether it be ghosts, UFOs or that something else in my world as a child… such as the man at the bottom of the garden.

He would always be at the bottom of our long garden looking up towards the house and always in the same spot by the vegetable patch, in between the old water pump and the barn. He never frightened me. He had this enormous presence about him. He was 6 ft or even taller and dressed all in black from top to toe in what I thought were old, black, rubber fisherman’s jacket and trousers.Why I say this is because it was a total block of black top to toe. I could feel his stare but I cannot really recall his face.

One time I shouted out into the house. My brother and cousin came racing down the stairs straight into the kitchen looking at me. I just pointed through the window towards where he was standing and staring at me. They both saw him. Our farmhouse kitchen door was always open as we had a very tame chicken, a dog and cat that wondered in and out all day, plus I was always in the garden roaming around. Before I could say anything else they both ran out the door towards him with him still in sight. But he was gone .

On another occasion, suddenly there he was – staring up, looking at me about 30 feet away. He looked at me deep in my eyes, dressed as he always was in black from top to toe. This time things were different though – I actually saw him move. I ran down the garden towards him and with him still facing me front on, he glided to my left towards the barn. It was almost as if a movie was being filmed with a camera on a table of some sorts that was on a track filming a very fast scene. As if he was on what they call a dolly track? That’s the best way I can describe his odd movement. I remember not wanting to follow him but I knew I wasn’t scared at the same time. I felt that I had nothing to fear and that he would just be around from time to time as I grew up. He wasn’t a ghost. He was a living, intelligent being.

I have a large scoop mark on my right thigh after one of my experiences with the man at the bottom of the garden. I have no conscious memory of how this got to be here though.

Two links regarding the man at the bottom of the garden:

At the Leeds UFO conference in 2001, Santiago Yturria Garza and Jamie Maussan were presenting their talk. I was sitting at the front of the audience next to some of the others speakers, Nick Pope being one of them. At the end of Santiago’s presentation he started talking about ‘flying humanoids’. As soon as he said that I looked at Nick and thought ‘I don’t think I want to stick around to see this’. I just saw the man at the bottom of the garden in my mind. As I have said, he never did frighten me… but if somebody had actually videoed something similar then it made it all the more real to me. I watched the footage. You could make out a black human form/shape drifting in the sky in a sort of tilted manner. My eyes filled with water and I got very emotional. I stood up, looked at Nick and left to go out of the auditorium. Nick made the connection straight away. I later spoke to Santiago apologising for me walking out of his presentation. Over dinner I explained to him about the man at the bottom of the garden and how raw it was for me to watch that footage. I told him that I felt that what he was showing on that film was very negative and I still feel that today. This is strange considering as a small child, I wasn’t frightened at all.

Twenty or so years later the T.V. show ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ had an episode called “Hush”. It involved some people called “The Gentlemen”. For all those that want to take a look please do. This is very similar to my man at the bottom the garden – his presence and the way he moved/glided.

Again, we went back to these events with Budd Hopkins in 1998 using hypnotic regression, but I’ll only talk about my conscious memories here. All I know is that they stand out as very odd in my mind, almost dream-like.

“It doesn’t walk on the ground… they don’t have to walk on the ground. Its their light…their light has lots of power…their light elevates them..” Lori (abductee) 1975, from “The Tujunga Canyon Contacts” By Ann Druffell & D.Scott Rogo