The Past

Back in the late 80′s to be a Page 3 girl was about being more than just a “wag“ girl of the 2000s. It started with a simple conversation with a dear friend one Saturday morning whilst we were looking through the Sun newspaper. We had looked at Page 3… I think it was Sam Fox… and I said “I could do that”. Within months I had moved up country to London and with this in my head I contacted Beverly Goodway, photographer at the Sun Newspaper. We spoke on the phone and we arranged to meet the following week. It was a Thursday I will never forget. When we finally met he looked through my portfolio and said “you could be the next girl next door… you remind me of Sam Fox when she first started”.

My next step was to get an agent to promote me. I chose to approach Samantha Bond who had some of the best Page 3 girls on her books. Samantha took me on and I started immediately. She secured me various work from Page 3 to many mens magazines (Penthouse, Playboy, etc), calendars, front cover book shots, TV adverts and even the opportunity to appear along side Christopher Lee, Peter O’ Toole and Omar Sharif in the film “The Rainbow Thief”.

I did modelling for a couple of years. I enjoyed it at the time as most people in the industry were so nice and probably not like you would imagine at all. Most of the photographers were great… as were the girls.

(Missing) Photo by Terence Donovan for Playboy

I lived a fantastic life. I lived with another Page 3 girl – Kirsten Imrie – working, meeting and dating famous people, travelling all over the world. I have lived! And I have the stories to prove it.

But that’s where it all stops. I chose to come out of modelling and swap careers to be a make up artist in the early nineties. I felt it was the right time to do so… until something else changed my life forever (See 405 Freeway Encounter).

My past has made me the person I am today. We all started out somewhere – some beginnings are just more interesting or gossip-worthy than others. In the business I was in I did attract a few stalkers. One was married with kids and was convicted in a court of law. Another is out making a fool of himself as I type.

I chose to come forward about my past because it never mattered to me, my family or any of my close friends. So what if I was a glamour model back in the late 80s? If you knew me I’d tell you some fantastic stories… and pop in the odd UFO story just to keep you on your toes.

The UFO part of me is something so much bigger than my modelling past. It’s not an ego thing. If it was, I could have sold my story to the press a long time ago.It is about me sharing my encounters experinces to others so it can help them come forward and recognize something is happening to many of us.

Brigitte Barclay.